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Pain Diagnosis

Encourage lasting and profound results when you begin your journey with Michigan Advanced Pain & Spine for accurate pain diagnosis to uncover the real issue.

Back & Neck

Sufferers from neck and back pain now have the solution to feel like themselves again. Explore our extensive list of procedures and

see how we can help.

Head & Joints

Drastically minimize headache and joint discomfort when you explore our selection of innovative and proven treatments designed to provide lasting relief.

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Don't spend another moment in agony; turn to the team of dedicated professionals that have made it their mission to relieve your pain and restore your function. At Michigan Advanced Pain & Spine (Warren, Michigan), we excel at managing complicated cases and injuries where other treatments have fallen short.  Many of our clients visit our practice via physician referrals, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with them in providing you with the highest quality comprehensive care.  We also accept referrals on a "friends and family" basis, meaning that if someone you know is already seeing us, we will gladly see what benefit we may be able to offer you. 

We provide complete and accurate diagnosis of your ailment and offer a wide range of therapeutic options including procedures and treatments using state of the art technologies and the latest advanced techniques to provide lasting benefit.  While stubborn pain may not be relieved with just one visit, our commitment to patient centered complete care drives us to support and guide clients throughout their journey.  We take every precaution and utilize every method available to us to find the best treatments tailored to suite individual need in accordance with best patient practices, guidelines, and recommendations.

What gives us the greatest amount of joy is improving the quality of life for our patients. It is very rewarding and gratifying to provide actual relief and inspire hope and new life.

mission statement

Encompassing the full spectrum of modern medical therapeutics, we dedicate our practice and ourselves to providing compassionate and comprehensive quality care to patients suffering from acute and chronic pain.

"DIVINUM EST SEDARE DOLOREM" -- “It is divine to allay pain.”


-Galen of Pergamon, AD 129-199