A brief overview of

joint problems and

related remedies

a brief overview of joint problems and related remedies

In addition to focusing on the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, other relief offered at Michigan Advanced Pain & Spine include nerve blocks as well as sacroiliac and extremity joint injections. These types of procedures introduce anesthetic and anti-inflammatory medications directly into affected joints and regions of the body that are affected by pain, derangement and disease processes. These types of procedures are often highly effective since they target the root cause of pain in irritated joints. We also offer treatment of joints with Platelet-Rich Plasma in order to utilize your body's own healing power to help you recover much more quickly from an injury. Feel free to read more about this inventive and effective therapy here: http://www.platelettherapy.com/

gain flexibility & movement
An additional benefit of occipital and joint injections is increased range of motion. When swelling, inflammation and pain are minimized, the joint can comfortably move much more freely. Dr. Quiroga is certified to perform these procedures on every moveable joint, including sacroiliac joints, hips, shoulders, knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles. These injections are often very beneficial for those who have suffered ligament injuries, muscle tendon tears, osteoarthritis of the joint, and internal derangement.

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