"When considering the integration of opioid therapy, communication, cooperation and candor are critical from both doctor and patient. It is perhaps the most interpersonal aspect

of the doctor/patient relationship during treatment."

- Dr. Mitsuya

Michigan Advanced Pain & Spine is here to improve your quality of life by reducing your pain.

We do so by accurately diagnosing your problems, and treating them with the safest, most advanced, 

and most appropriate modalities we can offer. 


Great lengths are taken to protect our patients from the significant risks that are associated with opioid therapy, also known as narcotic medications.  The implementation of a comprehensive plan goes well beyond pharmacological measures alone.  We incorporate various diagnostic tests, physical therapy,

durable medical equipment, as well as interventional procedures in order to improve functionality,

increase range of motion, and significantly reduce your pain. 


We follow DEA guidelines when writing these medications and only prescribe what we determine is warranted by your pathology.  Furthermore, we only prescribe opioids when the patient satisfies

specific criteria, and more conservative treatments have failed.  Our physicians continuously

reassess medication effectiveness while assuring compliance of the treatment plan.   


It is our goal to treat a patient's entire being; opioid medication may or may not be a factor in

treating your particular condition. 


Regardless, we will ensure that our plan of care is most

comprehensive and appropriate to suite your needs.